Window and Siding Leaks and the Results of those Leaks


Here are some pictures from a thread I found on the internet that explain the consequences of not flashing the windows.

They were contributed to me by M.L. He took the pictures and had posted them on a forum looking for causes and answers to the problems.

Interior shots of what happens when the water gets into the walls. Sub-floors, carpets, and even furniture can be ruined.

Exterior shots. Look at the water trails. M. L. had said this was caused by leaks in the windows themselves, and he could be right in this case. I've found this same damage in both scenarios. Virtually zero difference in either case, including the amount of damage and cost to the homeowner.

Two lower vinyl panels removed and insulation barrier cut away.


A Special Thanks to Four Seasons Industries for these good pictures of several examples of siding leaks and the resultant damage.



This poor house had a major problem with no kick-out from the roof, then when it got to the window, the lack of flashing compounded the problems.


Some more pics;



Recently Donated by a Homeowner from Ga.

As you see in the 3rd. picture. the gutter is away from the wall and isn't the cause of water coming down the wall. The flashing runs behind the siding there, and out the J-channel.

Looks kinds benign doesn't it. Just dirty siding.

Let's look behind the siding.

Not very good looking at all. Some say this is why Tyvek is necessary. Tyvek really helps, but as in all the other photos, the leak is originating at a penetration. The rest of the wall looks fine.

Notice the damage being caused inside the house, in the basement. This house is only about 3 years old. If repairs aren't done immediately, structural damage will surely follow.


Not windows, but these 2 pictures show where this new house will have trouble in later years. The step flashing doesn't 'kick' the water out from behind the siding. It directs it underneath the siding.

  See the lack of kick-out?

  A good view showing how the water will enter the house.

Do you have any horror stories you want to share? Have any pictures on line I could use, or link to? Horror Story of House Leaks

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