Window Flashing Mistakes that will Cost you Money!

I also included pictures of Oakwood and Clayton Mobile Homes as mobile homes in general seem to deteriorate much faster than stick built homes. Modular homessfall in between somewhere. They are at the bottom of the page.

Newest 3-10-09

Please excuse my sarcasm. These windows are done to Code! I get a bit sarcastic at times don't always realize how it sound to people that don't know me well, and aren't sure what to look for in a home. I apologize.

  Window flashing that will allow water in the wall. When it hit's that top edge, it will go under this mess.  More faulty window flashing.

A close-up of the window flashing in the corner. A better close-up of recommended flashing. Yeah, right! This is standard industry practice.

The other corner. Same house. Finished product! This is the required method. A close up of a 'properly' flashed window.

A bit blurry, but you can see the gap in the corner. This window flashing directs water INTO the house.

Same house. No deck flashing. And it won't matter what they do now. It sure can't go under the door sill tray. Which is missing too.

At least they installed some kind wrap somewhere. I wonder what it's purpose is? No clue here.  At least the deck board fit under the door.

This is a really dumb example of flashing.  A close-up to show how to seal window and door flashing.

The lower end of the flashing work. This seem to be industry standard!   Window flashing on the second floor. It will direct water behind the siding and since the roof flashing is in front of the tyvek, the roof has a roof leak built into it.

Another window on the same house. Does the flashing 'work' together to keep the house dry?



  Neat idea to provide jobs in a few years doing repair work here. Pardon the sarcasm. This won't work.   More window flashing repair work in the making. It will get real expensive when somebody has to raise the porch roof back up.

  Another wider view of of things to come.    A close-up of a lower sill corner. Though the picture doesn't show it well, the horizonal piece has already come loose and water is running behind it.

  Same window, other side of the sill. Same issue.   A closer picture. Again, just doesn't show the issue well. I might have to get a Macro lens.

Newest 12-01-09

More on the pictures posted above. And the ones below too. I'm tracking some new construction here.  Notice how the plastic will continue to dump water behind the siding? Not out!

How do you like the way water is directed behind the band? A sure fire way to insure some repair work in a few years.   You can see the plastic does go over the brick, but it's a water trap. And plastic must have what, 100 year track record? Yeah, right!

Here's one I took pictures of today, 11-17-08. It passed inspection and will only leak on rainy days by the looks of it. It wasn't raining today, so all was fine.

I think the picture says it all, sad to say.  A wider view. I must get 30 calls a year about bay window leaks. I wonder why?

Hard to believe this passed the inspector. The term flashing passes in front of the window flange, and the side flanges make sure plenty of water will get in.

The middle window. Overview of the mess. The right window. Ditto.  Another view of the right window.

  I saw this Sunday, 1-11-09, New construction in Chester Va. Though I couldn't get a close-up, there is water staining in that header and down the column. The water seems to be directed directly into the wall and siding.


Mobile Home Flashing Causes Leaks!

I wrote to folks at Oakwood  and Clayton a few times because they have no code requiring them to protect the home envelope. None. They aren't even required to wrap the exterior.

Here's their answer to my e-mails and links to my Flashing Pages. After seeing these pictures, you will understand why they depreciate fast and fall apart in 15 years or so.

A newly delivered, ( To the sales lot), Oakwood Home.   Same Oakwood Home. The felt comes down from the lower corner of the window.   This is the rear of the same Oakwood Home. Notice the corner of the window to the left.   A closer look at the left widow. They aren't likely to correct this.

A newly delivered, (To the sales lot) Clayton Home.   This is Clayton Homes' answer to the issue of water infiltration.   Here's a close-up of the window flashing used by Clayton homes.

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